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Faq's About Why Choose The GoPinit Platform And App

Q1. What are the benefits if my company joins GoPinit?
There is no other Platform out there like GoPinit. Within minutes of creating your account, you’ll be able to upload your inventory to start selling your OOH and Portable signs all in one place. You’ll save time and money with our automations so you can spend more time growing your business. Plus, you’ll instantly be seen nationwide when new customers join the app and start buying.
Q2. Why would i want to give up a percentage of my profits to GoPinit?
Q3. How do i get Paid?
Q4. What are the fees to Join GoPinit?
Q5. I already have Signs that are rented out for the next couple of months, can I put them on the GoPinit Platform and App now?
Q6. Can I Generate Invoices?
Q7. What if i have signs that are for Non-Profit only?
Q8. What happens if someone rents a Portable Sign that won't fit on their property?

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